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Medieval Event

If you fancy being a knight for the day, then look no further than our Medieval event! With real life jousting, battles with the hog pull, longbow archery, trebuchet making and fire the rocks against the castle walls! There is plenty to keep everyone entertained. Join in the atmosphere and come dressed for the occasion. A true medieval experience and great teambuilding fun!

Laser Clay Shoot

A great conference break event, keeping the whole team active and involved. There is no kick back on the guns and there is instant scoring, so Laser Clay shooting is great for everyone. Mike our clay shooting expert is entertaining and knowledgable making the whole session a whole lot of fun. The advantage of laser clay shooting is that it can be set up in more confined areas, there is no distracting noise and it is safe. Mike has been running laser clay shooting for over 20 years and his set up is second to none, with the option of 5 or 10 guns. Laser clay shoot is a winner every time with clients.

Archery and Crossbow

The ancient art of archery, Pat who runs our archery is very skilled in helping clients to hit the target. Each client will have a bow with sights set so making hitting that target a lot easier. With over 20 years of experience Pat has her own unique style bringing out the best in your team. Archery is always a winner, ideal for all participants.

Crossbows are also available for something different, choose from normal target face to the dart board face. A perfect set up event making your event professional from start to finish.

Duck Herding

Dave is our host and brings together a great fun event where you control the dog to herd the ducks around a course, including water splash tunnel and gates, up against the clock can you confuse the dog or do you work a winning team to herd the ducks back into a pen. Very much a team hands on event with plenty of banter from Dave.

Event Photography

Our photographer has many years of experience on corporate events and knows just where the action is going to happen, he also has a great knack of catching the team in a relaxed mood and can capture comical and fun moments for you all to share after the event. All Photos will be downloaded on a CD on the day of the event so you can show the photos during the evening.


What better way to amaze your friends and colleagues than with our Falconry display. We have a variety of birds and can offer displays or team building sessions where the team get involved.