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Treasure Hunts

Our treasure hunts are written to be bespoke to your event. So, we can write a treasure hunt with start and finish locations to suit you. We find that town centres and hotel venues are the most popular choice for corporate events. If you do not have a specific location in mind, then don't worry. Just get in contact and we can help find a suitable venue. We can suggest a location that is ideally suited to the size of your group and the nature of your event.

  • Narborough

    Narborough is a village in Leicestershire, with easy access to main cities like Birmingham. It is based near the River Soar and its name originally meant 'North Stronghold'.

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  • Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

    What can we say about Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Gateshead. For starters don’t be put off by the antics displayed on Geordie Shore, this stereo typical behaviour is only representative of a small portion of Newcastle inhabitants. Discover the other side of Newcastle and Gateshead on our Newcastle-Upon-Tyne treasure hunt.

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  • Newquay

    Popular with surfers and party goers alike, Newquay is a busy seaside town in Cornwall. We have set up a great treasure hunt around Newquay for those who want to occupy the day with something a bit more satisfying than just getting drunk.

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  • Newstead Abbey

    Newstead Abbey is a beautiful old priory in Nottinghamshire. It was originally built in the time of King Henry II in 1163. It is best known as the ancestral home of Lord Bryon and is a fantastic spot for a treasure hunt.

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  • Northampton

    Northampton is a large country town in the East Midlands. It is home to Northampton Castle and dates back to the 6th century. It used to be the centre of shoe making but now it is more known for its finance and distribution businesses.

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  • Nottingham

    Famous for the legend, Robin Hood, Nottingham is a very popular location for a treasure hunt. Traditionally known for its lace-making, bicycle and tobacco industries, Nottingham is now a top UK shopping destination. It is also home to Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, which claims to be the oldest drinking establishment in England.

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  • Nunsmere Hall

    Nunsmere Hall is a grand victorian country house in Cheshire. It has large grounds and it is a popular venue choice for meeting and conference events, as well as weddings.

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  • Oxford

    Most famous for its prestigious university, The University of Oxford is the oldest university in England and a very popular destination with tourists. Oxford is a treasure trove of historic buildings and quirky pubs. What will you discover about Oxford on your Oxford treasure hunt?

    You may even get to see our Town Crier on your Oxford Treasure Hunt. For more information about our Oxford Town Crier visit his blog.

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  • Paignton

    Paignton is a small town on the South Devon coast. It grew as a fishing village and it now a popular holiday destination. Why not also consider doing your treasure hunt in Torquay or Brixham?

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  • Palma de Mallorca

    Palma de Mallorca, is a popular holiday destination on the island of Majorca. This Spanish town dates back to the Bronze Age. There are many sights to see during your treasure hunt, such as the Cathedral of Palma and the Old Town.

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Can't find your Location?

Don't worry, we can write a bespoke treasure hunt to suit you in any location. We are happy to help find a suitable location or venue for your event. Just get in contact.

DIY Treasure Hunts

We are happy to provide DIY treasure hunts wherever possible. Please get in contact to find out if your chosen location is available as a DIY treasure hunt.