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Treasure Hunts

Our treasure hunts are written to be bespoke to your event. So, we can write a treasure hunt with start and finish locations to suit you. We find that town centres and hotel venues are the most popular choice for corporate events. If you do not have a specific location in mind, then don't worry. Just get in contact and we can help find a suitable venue. We can suggest a location that is ideally suited to the size of your group and the nature of your event.

  • Sheffield

    Sheffield is a popular city in Yorkshire. It is a major industrial city but don't be fooled – it is full of green open spaces, with trees outnumbering the human population three to one!

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  • Sherwood Forest

    Sherwood Forest – the home of the legend Robin Hood! What could be a better location for a treasure hunt? Sherwood Forest is an area of woodland in Nottinghamshire and very popular with visitors of all ages.

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  • Shrewsbury

    Shrewsbury is an old market town with a lot of history. It dates from before the Middle Ages and still has a lot of medieval architecture.

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  • Stratford-Upon-Avon

    Mmm what can I say about Stratford if only it were famous for something…

    … Oh yeah it was the birthplace of a playwright and poet called William Shakespeare, who wrote a few plays back in the day and now of course it is famous for our Stratford-upon-Avon treasure hunt.

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  • Swansea

    Swansea is a town on the Gower coast in South Wales. It is a popular holiday destination and a great location for your treasure hunt event.

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  • Swindon

    Swindon is a large town in Wiltshire with good transport links to London, Bristol and Reading. This makes it a popular meeting point for events. Swindon hosts a few festivals including the Swindon Festival of Literature, and is a great place for a treasure hunt.

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  • Totnes

    According to the Historia Regum Britanniae written by Geoffrey of Monmouth, this was the place where Brutus of Troy, the mythical founder of Britain, stepped off his ship and proclaimed, “Here I stand and here I rest and this town shall be called Totnes”. Have your photo taken with the Brutus Stone as part your Totnes treasure hunt.

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  • Tunbridge Wells

    Tunbridge Wells is a large town in Kent, known as a spa from Georgian times. Many of the Royal family, including Queen Victoria, used to travel to Tunbridge Wells for 'the waters', earning the town the prefix, Royal.

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  • Venice

    The romantic charm of Venice cannot be missed. It is one of the most popular cities in the world and it is easy to see why. The city, in north east Italy, is built in a lagoon and getting around on the canals in the norm. What better team building event could there be, than a treasure hunt on a gondola!

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Can't find your Location?

Don't worry, we can write a bespoke treasure hunt to suit you in any location. We are happy to help find a suitable location or venue for your event. Just get in contact.

DIY Treasure Hunts

We are happy to provide DIY treasure hunts wherever possible. Please get in contact to find out if your chosen location is available as a DIY treasure hunt.