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Harrogate Treasure Hunt

Harrogate sprang up as a spa town after a mineral spring was discovered there in 1571. The waters which contain iron, sulphur and salt were believed by many to posses medical properties and people flocked here in the hope of healing their ailments. These sickly people brought an influx of wealth to the town and it grew into the spa town we know today. Visit the wells, the pump rooms and Valley gardens as part of your Harrogate treasure hunt.

You Choose

You can choose where and when to have your treasure hunt event. So if you want to start from your office and then finish at a nearby resturant then, no problem!


We recommend 2-3 hours for your treasure hunt but the times are flexible. We can run a treasure hunt at any time of day – morning, noon or night. So just let us know what works best for you. We will come and meet you on the day and run the event for you so you can relax and enjoy your event with your colleagues.


We write our treasure hunts with no fixed route. This means that each team needs to work together to decide the best route in the time available. This works on time management, teambuilding, problem solving and prioritising. All important skills for the modern work environment.

Fun for everyone

Our treasure hunts are fun for everyone. The event will include a fun 'shopping list' of items to find or collect on route. Don't worry there is no money involved! Each team is given a digital camera and will find a fun photo assignment in their pack. We can even show all the teams photos at the end of the event!


Our treasure hunts are designed to be highly competitive. You will have more clues than time available and the aim is to get as many points in the time scale as possible. But don't be late back – you will lose valuable points!


We design our treasure hunts to be bespoke to your event and can be personalised with your company logo and pictures at no extra cost. Simply send us your company logo and we will include this in the final print.


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This treasure hunt is available all year round.


  • Digital cameras during the event
  • Treasure hunt packs
  • Writing of the treasure hunt for bespoke events
  • Clues, shopping list and quiz
  • Prize for the winning team
  • Coordination and management of your event
  • Public liability insurance

Not Included

  • Any site fees and venue costs
  • Any catering or refreshments