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Call today on 0115 888 2024

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How it works

Our managed hunts are created and led by 'A Winning Team' of experienced event managers who have over 20 years' experience providing treasure hunts for all occasions.


Choose the date and location that works for you

Whether you want to start at 9am from your office or 5pm from the pub, you pick when and where you want your hunt to take place.


We’ll create a bespoke hunt just for you

We craft personalised treasure hunts that are unique to each client and location, so no two hunts are the same.


Our experienced event manager will run your hunt

Your event manager will handle everything from there, so you can simply enjoy your day with your team.

Our bespoke treasure hunts just got even better - make the most of your day with our exclusive new app, turning your hunt into an exciting interactive experience.

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